Services and Facilities



Sports & Recreation Facilities

Facilities are available at all IDM Nations Campuses for common sports activities.


Student Loan facilities

Comprehensive educational loan scheme through all branches of Bank of Ceylon can be arranged.


Library Facilities

University of Wolverhampton (UOW) provides a complete set of course materials and student guides which are available in the library.In addition most of the prescribed text books are also available in the library. Students are also given access to the UOW’s e-library and the Learning Management System.


Lecture rooms

Air conditioned lecture theaters & Multimedia Approach to Education & Training.


Lab Facilities

Students are allowed to do Practical with Internet access.


The Panel of Lectures

We have qualified & well experienced Lectures with Industry Experience. In addition Our panel of lectures includes prominent University Lectures from University of Wolverhampton-UK who are specialists in their chosen fields, Who will be supported by local staff with Ph.Ds & Chartered Members of BCS, practicing computer Professionals with postgraduate qualifications and experienced lectures in specific fields.




IDM which was established in the year 1981 is dedicated to serve Information and Communication Technology industry by way of providing nation’s human resource requirements. We are now preparing students for a variety of local and international examinations spanning from Pre-School to Masters Level. We are affiliated to number of foreign universities, Which elevated our states and now we have re-positioned IDM as an “Nations Campus” with many faculties, which is managed by a Trust.

IDM Nations Campus, was formed to provide opportunities for Sri Lankan students who seek to pursue higher studies but are unable to get admission to local universities to continue their higher studies.



Safe and Convenient Hostel Facilities can be made available


Industry Oriented Training

All undergraduate students are provided with free industry oriented training to prepare them to face the challenges of the industry and to get employed with confidence.


Job-Placement Support

During the study program or after completion of the Degree Job placement can be arranged through IDM Job-Placement scheme.


Soft Skills Development

Undergraduate at IDM Nations Campuses can enjoy facilities available for soft skills development


Career Skills Development & Counseling

We conduct special programmes for IDM Undergraduate to impart the required career skills. Continuous career counseling services are available at all campuses to direct the students properly.


Student Placement to Foreign University

We assist those students who wish to pursue their Higher studies abroad in selecting the appropriate Universities and placement thereafter. IDM has now diversified and offer several Degree programmes covering the fields: ICT, Business, Networking , Hardware, Electrical and Electronics, Multimedia,etc.


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