21th Convocation 2011

IDM – Nations ICT Campus honoured successful graduates of the following Universities at the 21st Convocation 2011 held at BMICH on 16th August 2011.


  • University of Greenwich – UK (B.Sc)
  • University of Wolverhampton – UK (B.Sc & M.Sc)
  • University of Portsmouth (Postgraduate Diploma in Strategic Business IT)

Dr. Ann Latham, Associate Dean, University of Wolverhampton was the chief Guest. In her speech she mentioned that the six B.Sc (Hons ) programmes and the two M.Sc programmes are running very successfully. She offered a scholarship to the student who topped the batch and obtained a First Class pass. She also was very happy about the Ph.D programme started at IDM through UOW. IDM conducts two convocations a year and this is the second for the year 2011.

This ceremony also included the presentation of Certificates to IDM students who have completed the following Diploma Programmes.

  • NCC Education - UK International Advanced Diploma
  • NCC Education - UK International Diploma in Computer Studies
  • Edexcel UK - Higher National Diploma
  • Foundation Diploma in Business Management
  • IDM Premier Diploma in ICT & Business
  • Teacher Diploma

IDM has gained International recognition through the affiliations with the foreign Universities. Presently University of Wolverhampton (UK) is offering six B.Sc (Hons) degree programmes, 2 M.Sc programmes and a Ph.D programme. University of Greenwich (UK) is offering one B.Sc (Hons) degree programme at IDM. The Business School of IDM won Grade ‘A’ for its Quality maintenance from EDEXCEL International UK external verification process.

68 Graduates with 14 first classes, 3 Postgraduate Diploma holders and 10 Masters Degree holders were conferred at this ceremony fulfilling the IDM’s vision of Providing Educated and Skilled Professionals to Contribute to the Economic Development of Sri Lanka.

Special awards were offered by Virtusa Corporation to those who topped the batches of B.Sc and M.Sc programmes and achievers of Edexcel HND were offered certificates and medals by Edexcel International-UK.

In addition to the above graduates there were 20 students qualified for the award of NCC International Advanced Diploma in Computer Studies, 32 students for the NCC International Diploma in Computer Studies, 107 students for Higher National Diploma in Computing and 8 in Higher National Diploma in Business Management of EDEXCEL International UK, 48 students for Premier Diploma, 48 students for Diploma in Business Management and 10 Students for Diploma in Computer Science.

The Chairman of the Board of Management of the IDM Nations Campus Dr. Bandu Ranasinghe stated that year 2011 is a very special year for IDM for many reasons. Firstly we have entered into the 4th decade of continuous service to the nation, Secondly our academic relationship with University of Wolverhampton has now reached six years. Thirdly through our research and development division we conduct a research conference as a part of academic life to present and publish the academic outcomes of postgraduate students. The second conference was successfully conducted in April 2011 and the third one is scheduled for November 2011.

Mr. Shehan Warusavithana, Director Technology of Virtusa offered advice to the fresh graduates

on how to succeed in the field of ICT and to continue as a true professional.

In addition to the academic studies, IDM also has a Division to improve the soft skills of our students through the IDM Students Association. These include the preparation of our students to appreciate aesthetic values, the environment, cultural values, music, dance and to improve communication skills so that they are also able to lead a balanced life on the one hand and to improve the chances of getting well employed.

IDM’s Alumni Association, provides its members with the opportunity of exchanging ideas and share experiences, while allowing them to develop useful networking possibilities with those already practicing in the ICT Industry in order to get their knowledge updated.

Mr. Lionel Perera, the Chairman of Board of Studies of IDM Nations Campus, stated “our Objective is to introduce the latest Technologies to IDM students through courses that are developed to cater to the industry needs through progressively advancing certifications, culminating in highest academic and professional achievements of international standards so that they can fit in to any local or foreign IT Company”











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